The Brass Band is the oldest and one of a very few orchestra of non-music high schools in the region.

The first conductor and organizer of the orchestra was Władysław Pollak, which in 1950 organized the School Orchestra in the State Industry School. The first mention of the orchestra is dated on the March 3rd, 1951. At that time, the orchestra was composed from musicians playing on stringed, plucked and wind instruments. In school chronicles of the State Industrial School, of the Cement Technical College and of the Mechanic & Electric Technical College in Opole, successor of which is the Tadeusz Kościuszko Electric School Group in Opole, there are many records confirming active operation of the orchestra and of the Władysław Pollak, which propagated music culture inside and outside the school. The orchestra's documented activity dates back to 1962.

In years 1972 - 1980 the orchestra again stayed in thresholds of the School. Jan Walasek led the team.

In 1981, Stanisław Daszkiewicz, a history teacher and keen musician, reactivated the orchestra again. Thanks to his efforts, the orchestra obtained many wind instruments and music as well. The orchestra performed added splendor to school ceremonies witch marching and occasional pieces.

The composition of the growing orchestra was based on the wind instruments. With the passing of time, the orchestra intensified its concert activity and took part in many events in the town and in the region – among other places in the Opole Country Museum in Opole-Bierkowice, in the “Opole” Power Plant, in Brzeg, etc. It played in honor of Secondary School and Universal Contests as well as the Education Fears in Opole. The orchestra went in some training camps.

Since September 2000, the orchestra is conducted by Przemysław Ślusarczyk – composer, conductor and manager of culture. The new conductor radically changed the way you work, promotion and image of the band (including designing a logo). He switched to new kinds of music repertoire: the development of classical music, jazz standards and improvisation. The repertoire of the orchestra covers a broad spectrum of musical genres from marching, jazz standards through music, dance, pop, studies classical music and improvisation. As a result of changes since September 2001, the band adopted its current name. Since 2000, the orchestra regularly performs in the city of Opole and in the country as part of the copyright cycles: "Musical impressions," "With the orchestra into castles and palaces" and in innovative formats: "Opolski Wind Express" and "The orchestra on the River Odra". The last three events have been awarded honors - Best Tourist Product of the Opole Province 2013. The composition of the chamber orchestra concerts as 230 Volt Ensemble. In 2020, "Opolski Ekspres Dęty" received the "Opolska Marka 2019" award in the 'region promotion' category.

In 1996 the team won the second prize in the Regional Review of Artistic Groups, in 2003, the Special Prize at the Provincial Review of School Artistic Groups "Music 2003", and in 2004, second prize (not awarded) at I Municipal Review of School Artistic Groups "Synkopa 2004". In 2010 the team won the second prize in the XVIII Review of Orchestras of the German Minority - Leśnica 2010 in Lichynia.


Latest conductors:

Władysław Pollak (1903-1995) – Conductor of the Orchestra. Born in Stanislavov (currently Ukraine). In 1925 graduated the teaching College in Stanislavov. Professional work begun in Dolina and worked in many schools in this town till 1939. During his professional work, in 1934 he graduated the violin at the Conservatoire in Lvow. In course of work in Dolina, he organized the Fryderyk Chopin Music Society. He was there conductor of the male and the mixed choirs. He was a teacher violin. He played also in the symphony and in the chamber orchestra. Next, he was a soldier in the September Campaign. In the time of German occupation, he organized the clandestine teaching in Dolina. IN 1945 he arrived to the Wroclaw District. Since 1947 he again works as a teacher in the Public Professional School in Olava. In the period of 1950 - 1970 Władysław Pollak is active in many educational institutions in Opole, among other ones with the State Industrial School, with the Cement Technical College and of the Mechanic & Electric Technical College in Opole, and the Group of Vocational Schools. He organized the first School Orchestra. In the vocational schools of Opole, Władysław Pollak conducted musical groups and choirs, with which he many times concerted in the terrain of the Opole town and district. He organized country musical centers in Chróścice, Komprachcice, Turawa, Malinia, Tarnow Opolski, Prószków and Łubniany. He was many times decorated and awarded.

Jan Walasek (1921-2010) – carer of the team. He was born in Zagórz. In 1967 he left a State music school of the II step in Opole in the class of the violin. In years 1962 - 1964 was a listener of the Folk Musical Institute in Łódź getting entitlements for the work in an amateur artistic movement as the instructor of the music. In the Team of Electric Schools he worked as a music teacher simultaneously leading the school orchestra in years 1972 – 1980.

Stanisław Daszkiewicz (1938-2000) – Conductor of the orchestra. Born in Skałata (currently Ukraine). After studies of history in the Pedagogical College in Opole (currently University of Opole) he started his professional activity in the Elementary School No 20 in Opole. He worked also in the Elementary School No 2 in Opole and in Chmielowice. From 1974 to 2000 (with the break at years 1980 - 1981) was connected with the Team of Electric Schools in Opole.  Since 1986 till 1990, he was Director of the Dormitory of Vocational Schools No 2 in Opole. He was distinguished activist of the Society for Propagation of Physical Culture in Opole, longstanding Chairman of the Society for Propagation of Physical Culture "Chabry" and Chairman of the School Staff the Voluntary Labor Corps at the Electric School Group in Opole. Stanisław Daszkiewicz was a laureate of the prize granted by the Ministry of Culture and Art. He was many times awarded and decorated.

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